PineApp™ - a leader in securing networks and Email systems
PineApp™ - a leader in securing networks and Email systems

Service Providers


Service providers today have little choice but to invest in their customer experience. Making this happen, of course is a challenge. Success results are heavily depended on the right solution implemented by the provider; performance, management, and redundancy are key factors. Typically, service providers attempt to meet the challenge with a combination of in-house resources; service providers that work effectively with the right Managed services solution provider can create a major benefit and provide enhanced customer experience. 


  • Multi Tenant Solution
  • Proven spam blockage ratio of 99.8%
  • White Labeling – Solution Rebranding.
  • Service Allocation Dashboard for Resellers
  • Advanced Management with Domain and user-based policy rules
  • User Self Managed Solution via end user personal daily traffic reports
  • Legal hold short-term (30-days) clean email backup solution
  • Seamless integration interfaces with all server types
  • Advanced Inappropriate Content Control (ICC)
  • Advanced Configuration Support - Clustering , Active-Active/Passive  
  • LDAP support and automatic user creation services
  • An Auto-Updated Solution
  • Multi layered Anti-Spam Filter
  • Multi layered Anti-Virus Filter with Zero-Hour Protection


By deploying a PineApp Managed Service Solution, Service Provider are now enable to sell downstream (resellers, system integrators, financial institutions, universities, etc) options for Value Added Services per users, with inherent pricing advantages.


  • Entry: Anti-Spam Only
  • Basic: Anti-Spam + Anti-Virus
  • Bronze: Anti-Spam + Anti-Virus+ 7 Days email backup service
  • Gold: Anti-Spam + Anti-Virus+ 30 Days email backup service
  • SafeMail: Email Business Continuity

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Anti Bonet

Today thousands of “bots” are operating within the service provider network - using service provider’s IP addresses and bandwidth. Botnets operate by infecting computers with malware and then using those computers to send spam – usually without the subscriber’s knowledge. As a consequence of these high spam levels, several of the major DNS blacklist providers have added service provider’s IP address pool to their lists – what is commonly referred to as being “black‐listed”. Most Internet MTAs refuse mail from blacklisted IP addresses and as a result, service provider’s customers are being blocked by receiving ISPs.The process of removing IPs from SMTP Blacklists not only relies on customer’s complaining about poor quality of service, but also represents a significant administrative expense in identifying those affected IPs, fielding customer complaints and the direct costs associated with negotiating IP removal with the RBLs themselves.


The Anti-Botnet Solution

The PineApp OSG is a carrier-grade solution that can be easily deployed to scan and block up to 99% of all unwanted or malicious outbound email traffic. Easy to deploy, the OSG functions as a transparent SMTP proxy that informs the Service Provider, in real time and with granular level statistics, about which IP addresses within their networks are being controlled by botnets. The OSG is the ideal solution to neutralize botnet activity within a Service Provider’s network. By harnessing the power of PineApp’s OSG, a Service Provider can reduce their blacklisted IPs, improve their IP reputation and reduce the unwanted consumption of their bandwidth.

Carrier Safe Gateway

The PineApp Carrier Safe Gateway Solution is intended to provide Service Providers with maximum flexibility. Each Carrier Safe Gateway unit is able to process millions of HTTP sessions per hour. The CSG functions as a transparent proxy that informs the Service Provider, in real time and with granular level statistics, about which IP addresses within their networks are surfing to which websites. The PineApp CSG solution is an ideal solution to control and monitor internet browsing activity generated by the Service Provider’s network users. By harnessing the power of PineApp’s CSG, a Service Provider can effectively reduce end user exposure to unwanted website and internet content, improve bandwidth usage and regulate traffic and adhere to the government compliances where applicable.


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