PineApp™ - a leader in securing networks and Email systems


PineApp Network Security Solutions enable corporations to provide employees with a comprehensive email and web security solution that meets the highest standards of todays corporations, financial insitutions, universities and large organizations. Enterprises today require a secure, cost-effective strategy to manage increasing large and diverse user populations.


The PineApp Mail-SeCure  Series protects SMB & Enterprise  business networks from both targeted and non-targeted email-related threats. Mail-SeCure is equipped with cutting-edge perimeter security engines that focus on stopping the vast majority of threats by looking at the credibility of their sources before they penetrate the customer’s network. PineApp’s perimeter security approach helps save a substantial amount of system resources previously wasted on unnecessary content inspections. Mail-SeCure provides system administrators with the tools to handle both email-borne threats and a variety of email-related administrative tasks.

Available as a complete appliance or as software that can be installed on a customer's local hardware or virtualized platform (VMware, Hyper-V, Citrix XenServer).


PineApp Surf-SeCure™  series provides SMB & Enterprise business networks with a real-time filtering system, which protects organization from Internet-based threats. In addition, the appliance provides enforcement of the organization's surfing policy.

Surf-SeCure inspects HTTP/S and FTP traffic and provides full protection against known and emerging Viruses, Worms and other forms of malware. An additional inspection layer enables the system to block Spyware software.

Surf-SeCure facilitates organizational productivity, optimizes bandwidth consumption and reduces liability.


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