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Email Security Solutions - Mail-SeCure

PineApp Messaging Network Protection (AKA Mail-SeCure) is a leading email cyber security solution that can be offered as a cloud solution and service, or on premises solution and protects organizations from both targeted and non-targeted email-related threats.

PineApp messaging network protection solution is a multi layer technology cyber security solution, that blocks most threats prior to receiving the content of the message. This allows organizations to better function with significantly lower resource consumption and operation cost.

Product Models

Model Name Solution for Brochure Datasheet
Mail-SeCure 1000 SMBs (25-50 users) Mail-SeCure 1000 Brochure Mail-SeCure 1000 Datasheet
Mail-SeCure 2000-3000 SMEs (100-1500 users) Mail-SeCure 2000-3000 Brochure Mail-SeCure 2000-3000 Datasheet
Mail-SeCure 5000 Ent & MSSP (2500-50,000 users) Mail-SeCure 5000 Brochure Mail-SeCure 5000 Datasheet
Mail-SeCure as Software All Models Mail-SeCure as Software  Brochure Mail-SeCure as Software  Datasheet


  • Spam and Virus Blockage success ratio of 99.8%
  • Strong Perimeter Security blocks up to 90% of all malicous content prior to secondary inspections
  • Seamless Integration with all server types and includes internal load balancing
  • Policy Rules Per User Per Domain 
  • Legal Hold provides a short-term (30-day) clean email backup solution
  • Daily Traffic Reports allows individual users to manage their own white and black lists
  • Available as a Software Solution or as a Hardware Appliance
  • Compatible With Virtual Platforms such as VMware, Hyper-V and Citrix Xenserver



Perimeter based spam engines stop up to 90% of all spam before reaching the organization’s network. Post perimeter protection includes in-depth analyses by different anti-spam content inspection engines. PineApp's coupling of anti-spam technologies with advanced policy management has effectively reduced the false positive ratio to almost zero.


Mail-SeCure provides a set of highly sophisticated but flexible management tools which allow system administrators, postmasters and end users to design smart and efficient policy enforcement measures. When combined with LDAP (Exchange, AD, Lotus notes etc.) support Administrator can have complete control over auditing and management. While working with a cluster of three or more, Mail-SeCure enables centralized management of all mail-traffic and quarantine logs. Subsequently, logs from several mail scanning appliances are delivered and stored on one dedicated Mail-SeCure management appliance, simplifying management and auditing procedures.


Mail-SeCure’s internal load balancing feature enables the scaling of traffic between two or more Mail-SeCure units with several distribution methods, thus saving considerable IT costs.


Mail-SeCure allows customers end users to manage their own personal black and white lists and release any mail that has been erroneously blocked as spam. by sending a report that contains a summary of all incoming mail messages that arrived for the specified end user since the last daily report delivery.



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