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PineApp team is moving to new offices
Aug. 2015

PineApp Partner dinner / Delhi / June 2015
Jun. 2015

PineApp CEO meeting with old and new partners at Delhi, India

Thank you all for attending

PineApp Partner dinner / Delhi / June 2015

PineApp Management visited PineApp Partner in Korea & Hong Kong
Jan. 2015

PineApp Management visited PineApp Partner in Korea & Hong Kong this to find out how PineApp Cyber Security technology can provided protection from cybercrime activity with local Telco’s networks.

Mr. H.Y. Kim - Chairman of Hanshine International Ltd with PineApp CEO Mr. Erez

PineApp At BakuTel 2014
Dec. 2014

Thank you to everyone that stopped by our booth , The BakuTel 2014 Conference is the largest regional event in telecommunication and information technologies in the Caspian region, and this year will celebrated its 20th anniversary.

Israeli Ambassador to Azerbaijan Mr.Rafael Harpaz with PineApp CEO Mr. Hezi Erez

PineApp Team @ Africa Com 2014
Nov. 2014

AfricaCom 2014 was a great event. We had the opportunity to understand the African market and meet relevant key players to start business with. PineApp was part of  The Israel Pavilion at AfricaCom 2014 The pavilion was organized by The Israel Export & International Cooperation.

Great job everyone see you in 2015 ....

PineApp at Israel HLS 2014
Nov. 2014

Thank you for visiting our booth at Israel HLS 2014, We enjoyed the many inspiring conversations, and we were impressed at the number of visitors to our booth and the great interest in our products.

Thank you very much again and  we hope to start and continue doing business with you in the future.

If you should have more inquiry please feel free to contact us at

A New Distribution Agreement signed between PineApp and Comsec
Nov. 2014

PineApp and Comsec have signed a new deal that will further deepen the co-operation between the two companies.

The terms of the agreement gives Comsec distribution rights of PineApp products for its projects in Israel. 

With this development in the collaboration between PineApp and Comsec, the two companies can further continue to offer the highest-standard of security solution and expertise to the market. 

PineApp Team @ MWC 2014
Mar. 2014

PineApp Team have attended in MWC 2014 which was held in Barcelona ,Spain.

This year has proven to be a bid success with many attendees coming from all over the world , We enjoyed seeing some new faces and catching up with our world partners. The event gave us the chance to show off our newest products and gave us some great insight into what’s around the corner for our industry , see you next year .

PineApp CEO part of Israel HLS 2014 Content Committee
Mar. 2014
PineApp CEO Mr. Hezi Erez was elected to be part of Israel homeland security 3rd international conference Content Committee.

PineApp End of The Year Event
Jan. 2014

Throughout an entire year, the PineApp Team devoted a great deal of time and attention to the successes of the company and expansion of company cycle of knowledge customer and sales channels.

The end of the year event was a great opportunity to say THANK YOU EVERYONE for a great job.

PineApp Mail-Secure Won The Prize For Email Security Solution In Viet Nam
Dec. 2013


PineApp Mail-SeCure was awarded as a favorite email security solution, follow by the voting result of Information Security Magazine readers, and given award in the Viet Nam Security Day 2013 event, November 21st.


In the picture Misoft Team, Le Duc Anh and Bui Hoai Nam holding the award .

PineApp Team @ CommunicAsia2013
Jun. 2013

PineApp Team have attended in CommunicAsia2013 which was held in singapure , this year has proven to be a success. We enjoyed seeing some new faces and catching up with customers and partners. This trade show gave us the chance to show off our newest products and gave us some great insight into what’s around the corner for our industry , see you next year .

PineApp supports educational and social projects and encourage social solidarity
Mar. 2013

Orot Haifa - gymnastics and acrobatics School in existence for fifteen years and has a large number ofgymnasts aged 5-18 divided by age and rate of progression of each exercise, training receive by seniorstaff and skilled trainers. The Head coaches is director of physical education teacher groups andHceografit Orit Cohen MA College "Wingate" which Israel exercised her youth team artistic gymnasticsfor many years and specializes in artistic gymnastics and acrobatics.

One of the groups is selected action. This group specializes in pyramids and acrobatics. This is a special group that exercising together, in full cooperation, girls from age 9 to 18. The group comes to impressive achievements: first place Bgmanstrdot, invited to perform as many fundraisers and galaHaifa and represents the Haifa sports event in the world. In 2007 represented the team to IsraelBgmanstra worldwide in Austria and in 2011 represented Israel Bgmanstrda Organization in Switzerland there were girls praise

Interwor T-SIC e Ingecom llevan a la firma la herramienta de filtrado de spam de PineApp Grupo Mutuam Redacción CHANNEL
Feb. 2013


El Grupo Mutuam es una mutua de acci­dentes y trabajo cuya fundación data del año 1905. Con el paso del tiempo, la firma ha diversificado su actividad con la pres­tación de servicios de atención sanitaria y social. En el ámbito sanitario, Mutuam ofrece asistencia primaria y de especialistas a 36.000 personas, a cargo del CatSalut. También gestiona dos centros socio-sanitarios con 270 plazas y dos hospita­les de día con 44 plazas. En la ciudad de Barcelona lle­va a cabo una experiencia piloto de atención sanitaria a pacientes de 241 residencias geriátricas. En cuanto a la atención a la dependencia, gestiona un total de 1.179 plazas en 8 residencias asistidas, 18 centros de día y cuatro complejos de apartamentos con servicios. También presta asistencia a domicilio cerca de 2.000 personas al año. Para mantener esta actividad, la firma da trabajo estable a algo más de un millar de personas. Todo le llevó a obtener unos ingresos en 2011 de 48,3 millones de euros. PineApp_ChannelPartner feb13.pdf

PineApp OSG on SIC 102
Nov. 2012

PineAPP OSG (Outbound Spam Guard), control, mitigación y remediación del spam saliente ,PineAPP es una empresa de referencia en seguridad TI focalizada en el correo electrónico con Mail-Secure, que está siendo masivamente utilizada por corporaciones e ISPs para detectar spam y amenazas en estos escenarios. Fundada en 2002, con sedes en EEUU, Israel y presencia a nivel mundial en más de 50 países, acaba de introducir en el mercado su nueva solución OSG (Outbound Spam Guard), orientada a ISPs y grandes carriers, que permite controlar, mitigar y remediar el spam-saliente provocado por la infección por botnets en los equipos de sus clientes: Dicha amenaza conlleva graves problemas a los proveedores de internet debido a la inclusión dentro de listas negras de amplios rangos de IP de clientes que no están infectados. OSG en SIC 102.pdf

PineApp Mail-SeCure Hardware End-of-Life Announcement
Dec. 2011

Product Lifecycle Management Strategy

PineApp Ltd. is dedicated to providing industry-leading and innovative hardware platforms, software solutions and the highest level of technical support for our entire product portfolio. Furthermore, it is PineApp’s priority to ensure reliable performance in all of our security solutions. As our solutions evolve, we are committed to providing technologies that can meet the increasingly complex security needs of the SMB, Enterprise and Service Provider markets.

 When using older hardware platforms, software versions and service offerings show signs of potential weakness. PineApp takes very seriously our responsibility to ensure continuity and stability in our valued installation base and to make certain that each customer that comes in contact with a PineApp Solution is receiving the highest quality service. Solutions Hardware End-of-Life Announcement(2).pdf



Kaspersky Labs and PineApp begin new partnership in Italy
Oct. 2011
With this new partnership, signed last August, PineApp will integrate Kaspersky Lab corporate solutions into projects their projects dedicated to innovative security companies to small, medium and large sizes. "With this new agreement between Kaspersky Lab and PineApp, while continuing their collaboration on a technical level, giving way to a business partnership on the Italian channel sure to offer its partners a comprehensive security solution and more and more 'close to the specific needs of Italian firms, "said Joseph Coppola, Head of Corporate Kaspersky Lab Italy.
Kaspersky Labs: Thailand No Longer Listed as “Top Spamming Country”
Oct. 2011

Kaspersky Labs Reports on Thailand

After consistently ranking Thailand amongst the Top 10 Spam Distributing Countries from 2009-2011, Kaspersky labs reported that “the volume of spam distributed from [Thailand] in August and September was so negligible that the local peaks and troughs were not as clear as in the [other countries].

Lagercrantz and PineApp sign new partnership in Sweden
Nov. 2010
Lagercrantz Communications, a leading Swedish network solutions provider, has signed a partnership with PineApp Ltd. Through this partnership Lagercrantz becomes the primary supplier of PineApp's complete line of innovative perimeter based email security, email encryption, email archiving and web surfing solutions in Sweden. ''PineApp provides a comprehensive product line for business owners in the Swedish market. With their efficient, perimeter based security solutions, PineApp is a perfect fit for our market – a market that appreciates value and reliability,'' says Mikael Wretman CEO of Lagercrantz Communications.
Horus Informatica signs new partnership with PineApp in Italy
Oct. 2010
Horus Informatica of Milan, a leading distributor of networking and security solutions, has signed a partnership with PineApp Ltd. Through this partnership Horus Informatica is now PineApp's primary Italian distributor and will supply the complete PineApp product line of innovative email security, email encryption, email archiving and web security solutions. The agreement with PineApp represents a natural fit for Horus Informatica's commitment to providing more expansive cloud computing options to the Italian market. Massimo Grillo, CEO and General Manager of Horus Informatica said, "We are excited about our new partnership with PineApp. With the growing complexity and volume of cyber threats, businesses are continuously searching for the most effective and cost efficient solution to meet these security challenges. This partnership allows us to bring a new range of IT security options to the Italian business community - from SMEs to Enterprises to Service Providers."
Rusoft signs partnership with PineApp and brings Israeli IT security solutions to Mexico
Sep. 2010
Rusoft has signed a partnership with PineApp, a leader in email security systems, email archiving and web filtering solutions. Through this partnership Rusoft will supply the complete PineApp product line of innovative solutions for security optimization and electronic confidentiality. Rusoft is committed to serving Mexico’s business community with the highest quality of information security. Consequently, PineApp’s full product line will be available beginning September 2010. Speaking of the partnership, Mr. Luis Diaz, Director General of Rusoft, said, "We believe that the Rusoft and PineApp partnership is an excellent opportunity to expand the availability of high quality web and email security solutions in the Mexican market. As information security threats grow and evolve, Rusoft is proud to distribute PineApp’s award winning products.”
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