Cybowall combines multiple cybersecurity tools and capabilities in one solution - securing networks of all sizes and providing unified defense against a continuously evolving threat landscape.


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Cybowall is a non-intrusive, agentless solution, Cybowall combines multiple cybersecurity functions and capabilities in one solution , Vulnerability and Asset Management for the day before attack , Breach Detection Solution for the day of attack and advanced reporting tool for the day after attack, Cybowall was designed to secure networks of all sizes and provide unified defense against a continuously evolving threat landscape. Cybowall protects networks in near real time; detecting and reacting to threats as they arise.



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Solution Benefits


  • Stop Endpoint Tampering and MalwareLeverage network and endpoint detection of Advanced Persistent Threats 
  • Map Network AssetsIncrease visibility with a map of all endpoints connected to your network to gain insight into your environment
  • Identify VulnerabilitiesStay informed of vulnerabilities for patch deployment prioritization
  • Detect Lateral MovementTrap attackers that have already breached perimeter defenses
  • Detect Active BreachesDiscover network breaches quickly to reduce damaging effects
  • Meet Compliance RequirementsAdhere to compliance standards; GDPR, ISO, PCI-DSS, HIPAA etc.


Solution Modules Can be bought separately

Vulnerability Assessment

  • Identify & examine of vulnerabilities.
  • Meeting Compliance Mandates.
  • The ability to audit changes, and to monitor.
  • Report certain types of activity is required for compliance with regulatory mandates such as GLBA, SOX, HIPAA and PCI DSS.


Asset Management

  • Monitor network devices, servers and services from a single console
  • Trigger alerts on availability and performance issues
  • Monitor network status on rich maps overview
  • Minimize downtime by automating remediation actions
  • Built-in reports and dashboards for quick tickets resolution


Network Breach Detection

  • A category of applications and security elements designed to detect the activity of malware inside a network after a breach has occurred.
  • IT departments use breach detection systems to protect against the variety of advanced threats, especially unidentified malware.
  • Intrusion Detection System
  • Honeypot
  • Malware Scanning
  • UEBA & Anomaly
  • Network Access Control



Cybowall and the GDPR


Cybowall can help businesses reduce the chances of a data breach by protecting the personal information within your networks. It lets you clearly see what is connected to your network and identify changes and threats.

If you do suffer a data breach, with Cybowall you can discover it quickly so that you can report it within 72 hours, and investigate to prevent breaches in the future.

Cybowall - take serious efforts to comply with the GDPR. Read how here:




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