Technology Partners

CYBONET's products integrate cutting-edge technology with strong OEM agreements to provide the best solution for your organization.

Check Point

Check Point Software Technologies is a worldwide industry leader in securing the internet. Check Point ensures that internet communications and critical data are secure, reliable and available everywhere. CYBONET’s new Email Sandboxing Module for the PineApp Mail Secure Solution leverages Check Point’s SandBlast Technology, ensuring that our customers receive even deeper detection, inspection and protection against the most dangerous zero-day and targeted attacks on the network.

Kaspersky Lab

Kaspersky Lab has become a market leader in the development of anti-virus protection. The company’s main product, Kaspersky Anti-Virus, regularly receives top awards in tests conducted by respected international research centers and IT publications. Kaspersky Lab was the first to develop many technological standards in the anti-virus industry, including full-scale solutions for Linux, Unix and NetWare, a new-generation heuristic analyzer designed to detect newly emerging viruses, effective protection against polymorphic and macro viruses, continuously updated anti-virus databases, and a technique for detecting viruses in archived files.
Kaspersky's technology is implemented as one of the Anti-Virus engines of CYBONET's multi-layered Anti-Virus system.

Vade Secure

Vade Secure is a global leader offering advanced email protection to more than 300 million mailboxes worldwide. Its language independent, comprehensive solution protects against the most sophisticated email scams, including phishing and spear phishing, malware and ransomware. Its solutions, including Graymail Management, are employed by major ISPs, OEMs and enterprises worldwide.
Vade Secure’s anti-spam software is incorporated into CYBONET’s email security solutions.


VMware, the global leader in cloud infrastructure, delivers customer-proven virtualization solutions that significantly reduce IT complexity. VMware accelerates an organization’s transition to cloud computing, while preserving existing IT investments and enabling more efficient, agile service delivery without compromising control.
CYBONET has become a VMware Technology Alliance Partner (TAP). The VMware TAP program helps technology vendors integrate their products with VMware virtualization software and deliver timely, joint solutions to mutual customers. This partnership enhances CYBONET's product offering, by enabling customers to purchase CYBONET's products not only as appliances, but also on a VMware platform, with a high level of redundancy, high availability and fault tolerance.


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